Primasonic Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • It was incorporated in the year 1999
  • Phone 91-9811005971, 9811362746
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Microphones Audio Systems

The executives at PRIMASONIC fully understand the importance and the crucial ins and outs of audio systems. We offer microphones and microphones audio systems from Delhi, India. Providing Computer Connectivity to all Systems. The Crucial ins and Outs of Audio Systems.. Provides a Powerfully Realistic Three Dimensional Sound Space. . Microphones Audio Systems.


Feel free to contact us for projectors and primasonic projectors. We are manufacturer of primasonic projectors in Delhi, India. We Offer High Quality Projectors (p04). With Regard to your Requirement of Presentation Set-up, Unlike Other Box Sellers. He Presentation Systems for Boardrooms. Hospitality and Healthcare Organisations, Sports Complexes. Conference Halls and Training Rooms for Big Educational Institutions.

Amplifiers Audio Systems

We deals in amplifiers audio sound system and amplifiers audio systems. The Sound Engineers at PRIMASONIC are Capable of Transforming your Premises. Audio-Visual Installations and for Providing Computer Connectivity to all System. The Executives at PRIMASONIC fully Understand the Importance. The Crucial ins and Outs of Audio Systems. Amplifiers Audio Systems . For any amplifiers audio systems requirement, send your query to us.