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 About Allied Enterprises

We are part of the Allied Group, a diversified multi operational group with interests in paper, project consultancy, commodities, real estate, trading, exporting & manufacturing.
We take bulk orders as well.

 Showcase Display

Barco Projection Systems

BARCO Projection Systems and BARCO Display Systems are part of Visualization, which is one of the four strategic pillars of the BARCO group, next to Communication, Automation and Graphic Systems. We offer barco projection systems and barco projection systems from Delhi, India. Budget-friendly solution with minimal cost of ownership thanks. Low lamp operating cost, re-usable filters, low maintenance, etc.. Maximum ease-of-use through intuitive user interface. Long-term image quality and brightness thanks to the proprietary sealed engine.

Commercial Cinema Screens

Feel free to contact us for pvc projection screen and commercial cinema screens. We are manufacturer of commercial cinema screens in Delhi, India. MDI Screens are renowed worldwide for their quality in craftsmanship.. PVC projection screen for all applications. From matte white to 3D screens,. Very high reflectance screen, Crisp uniform images and excellent color rendering. MDI Studio view - High reflectance with higher contrast off-white screen. . MDI Rear view - High reflectance & contrast grey screen. Crisp uniform images.

X Mirror Polarisation Modulator

We deals in polarisation modulator and x mirror polarisation modulator. Minimize the ghost image by optimization of 3D filter drive. Cooling system compatibility with 6KW high capacitance lamps. Simple installation with user-oriented design. Compatible with all types of digital cinema projectors. Compatible with existing polarized glasses. For any xmirror polarisation modulator requirement, send your query to us.